Peterman 30° grain genever ready for the future in new bottle by O-I

Peterman 30° grain genever ready for the future in new bottle by O-I

Schiedam - Owens-Illinois, Inc. (NYSE: OI), the world's largest glass packaging producer, has made the new glass bottle for Peterman 30° grain genever by Bruggeman. As a distiller and distributor of spirits, the company is Belgian market leader in the alcohol segment. The new bottle brings to life the brand’s desire to link modernity with its authentic roots. 

Guy Tapernoux , Bruggeman's CEO: "Thanks to our intensive collaboration with O-I over the years, they know exactly what we stand for and what we expect of our bottles. They know the technical specifications of our production line and are strong in technology and innovation. So we entrusted the design to the team at O-I. The first proposal they made met our expectations immediately."

Retro style with a modern twist

O-I’s design proposal aimed at answering Bruggeman’s objective to focus more on the Peterman brand, and position the drink more firmly on the Belgian market, but with a view to exports too. The new bottle was given a retro look but with a modern edge, without making any concessions when it comes to the authentic character of Peterman. That is why the Bruggeman name written in full on the bottle was removed.

In its place, O-I added various decorative embossed elements. So 'Made in Belgium' and 'Taste the Belgian Spirit' were put on the bottle, and Peterman was added underneath.

Patrick Waegemakers, Segment Manager beer, wine and spirits packaging for O-I Benelux continues: "The logo, a B which stands both for Belgium and Bruggeman, was also embossed in the centre of the base of the neck. The neck was narrower and longer and the bottle was flattened in the middle. The result is a user-friendly quality glass container that exudes Belgian spirit."

Since it was founded in 1884, Bruggeman has been imposing stringent requirements concerning the quality of its products, with tradition and innovation high on the list. The company's product range is expanded every year, with new variants of alcoholic drinks. And their glass packaging is regularly updated so as to position their products more strongly in response to market trends.

"Only a glass container, created with the right look and decorative elements, reflects the quality of our products," Guy Tapernoux continues. "If you add in the sustainable production and the benefits of a glass container for taste and health, then you realise that glass is the logical choice for our products."

International representation

Since 2009, Peterman has been part of the French group La Martiniquaise. The family firm with a focus on distilled beverages and an extensive portfolio of international brands is number 2 in France and ranks in the world Top 10. This enables Bruggeman to consolidate its presence on international markets, and the company is able to promote the strength of a local drink such as Belgian grain genever abroad.

"Consumers appreciate our grain genever for its pure and authentic taste. But we also want to introduce them to genever as an ingredient for cocktails," says Guy Tapernoux. "That's why we wanted to give the bottle a more modern spirits look, a new image, emphasizing the convenience for bartenders, but while maintaining the unique and original Belgian character."



About Etn. Bruggeman nv

Bruggeman is a Belgian distiller and distributor of genever. The company operates in the genever market under the brand names Peterman, Hertekamp and Fryns. The rich history of the company dates back to 1884. Through continuous product innovation, such as a focus on mixer options with soft drinks, Bruggeman has grown into the undisputed number one on the Belgian genever market.

Besides Peterman, Hertekamp and Fryns, Bruggeman also markets Label 5, Poliakov and Comptoir des Flasks. The brands are part of La Martiniquaise, the French group which has owned Bruggemans since 2009.

Each year Bruggeman produces millions of bottles of genever, vodka, rum, pastis, whisky and aperitifs at its distillery in Ghent for the Belgian-Luxembourg market and export countries. In 2013 Bruggeman achieved turnover of 27.5 million euro. 

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